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Knowledge and hints for adaptive societies

Have you ever played the pick-up sticks game?

You may know it as “Mikado” or “Shangai” (for Italian players) or “Palitos chinos” (for Spanish players). The purpose of the game is to collect the sticks, one at a time, that have been dropped on a table in a circular jumble, without moving the neighbouring ones.
To do this you need to have a very firm hand, to pay attention to how the sticks touch each other, and have a mind capable of predicting the future of this tangle.
Thus, to play it takes: attention, precision, delicacy, and a strategic vision.

Now, imagine the table as an artificial environment, e.g. a city, and the sticks are its typical variables, such as: urban fabric, demography, urban greenery and parks, water infrastructure, etc.
These variables are often closely interlinked, which makes these environments extremely complex.

…and here mgb comes in.

– mgb is the acronym of Massimiliano Granceri Bradaschia –

Mgb detects, analyses, and evaluates the critical variables of these complex environments, providing tailor-made consulting services or intervening strategically according to the context’s needs.
Extracting them from the circular jumble (due to actions or practices), by using a special lever (due to knowledge production), or by making a delicate pressure (due to policy recommendations), mgb aims to strategically move or take up the critical sticks.

The professional skills and expertise in urban contexts make mgb a player – an urban planner, an evaluator, an expert in public policies analysis – able to manage and operate in complex environments such as today’s cities.
mgb provides services to clients based on high scientific knowledge and forward-looking hints capable of triggering an effective adaptive path addressing 21st century challenges.

mgb = massimiliano granceri bradaschia

  • Philosophy Doctor (AKA Ph.D.)
  • Urban and Environmental Planner
  • Climate Change Adaptation expert
  • Monitoring & Evaluation & Learning specialist
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) analyst
  • Independent Researcher
  • Writer and Lecturer

mgb clients are:

Governments and public institutions
Private companies and consortia
Learning and research institutions
Donors and funding organizations

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People say

I have been working with these guys since years now! With lots of hard work and timely communication they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended!

Antonella Caldart

Vittorio Veneto (IT) municipality

Massimiliano demonstrated he has the technical knowledge required and is also serious, dependable, reacting very fast to requests, timely in the delivery of required outputs, thorough in his work and delivers excellent, well researched and thought through work.

Geraldo Carreiro

Adelante Knowledge

Massimiliano brings a wealth of knowledge, a strong technical background, strong analytical skills, and excellent team spirit. I was quite impressed by his climate adaptation-related knowledge and his ability to work in multiple languages.

Christine Roehrer